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Rules of NeoVrokg

Post  khastvrokg on 1/4/2009, 1:01 pm


No Flaming: This act is when you talk negative to another user, making the other user talk negative in response, thus an arguement shall be on its way.

No Trolling: This act is when you get in between two users and start them to flame on each other.

No Spaming: Please don't dare to do this, Breaking this rule will get your account nuked.....that goes for those who post like an idiot, I don't give a shit if you never got warned.

No ROM Linking: No one cannot give links to ROM sites, or have them hosted on the forums in this site, that includes no asking where to find a ROM. Use google. Break this rule, earn yourself a Time Banned. You may send me a private message and I will help you out.

No Advertising: It's really annoying when someone does it on the forum threads. If I see this, I will edit your post. Feel free to advertise in your profile only.

No Porn: Don't dare to expose porn in these forums.

1st time of violation. Time Banned. [Edit Post]
2nd time of violation. Account Nuked. [Edit Post]

Consider all of the above as your first time warning. Thanks!


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